Strategic Catalytic Downtown Development Planning

Town of Parker

Town of Parker Trestle Strategy Group.jpg

Parker, CO

Community Engagement

Market Analysis

Downtown Catalytic Development Planning

4 Parcels

30+ Acres 

Bang the Table - My Mainstreet


The Town of Parker and the Parker Authority for Reinvestment (P3) owns four parcels of land in their downtown area that are either vacant or underutilized. The four parcels total roughly 30 acres and represent a unique opportunity for catalytic in-fill development that will further activate the surrounding Downtown Parker area. Previous attempts to develop these parcels have been met with significant community pushback and a lack of Town Council alignment. The goal of the project is to generate community and Town Council consensus on the future development opportunity for these four parcels and to then identify a developer(s) who will enter into a development agreement with the Town. This project offers a critical opportunity to strategically engage the community around community benefit in the downtown area, analyze market demand and opportunity, and also building strategic networks and capacities for the larger economic and social growth throughout the entire Parker community. Trestle developed a project specific Bang the Table website to inform the Parker community about the project and changing market conditions, as well as gather community input into future planning scenarios. Please visit the My Mainstreet Bang the Table site for more.

Ponderosa Community Stabilization Program

City Of Boulder


Boulder, CO

68 Units

Resiliency Planning

Public Engagement

Resident Leadership Committee 

Trestle Strategy along with Michael Baker International, Caddis Architecture, JVA Engineering, JB Fieldworks, and CLACE are building ontop of the Trestle and City of Boulder’s previous West Fourmile Annexation Scenarios Study and Design Charette project and are continuing to identify community resiliency opportunities for the Ponderosa Mobile Home Park. Tasked with designing and implementing a resident engagement process to provide opportunities for meaningful resident input, ongoing updates, and more generally promoting the goal of minimizing resident displacement; collaborate with the City and Rebuild by Design to design and facilitate a resident-centered resilient community design process that informs community infrastructure, land tenure models, and home design; and manage the securing of entitlements, including annexation, land use and zoning changes.

The Concept Plan for the Ponderosa Community Stabilization project was submitted to the City of Boulder on April 16th, 2018.  The City is reviewing the conceptual plans for the annexation.  The plans will be discussed at a public hearing with the Planning Board at 6:00pm on Thursday, June 7th, 2018 in the Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway, 2nd Floor.  Interpretation services will be available.

Click HERE to view the Concept Plan Submittal in English.

Click HERE to view the Concept Plan Submittal in Spanish.

Click HERE to view the Path to Resilient Mobile & Manufactured Homes report. 

Click HERE to view the Key Interventions For Building a Resilient Mobile Home Park document. 

Vail Civic Area

Town of Vail


Vail, CO

Civic Area Master Plan

Community Engagement

Online Surveying

Bang the Table - Engage Vail

Trestle Strategy is leading the community engagement and outreach program for the Town of Vail’s Civic Area Master Plan update. As a team member with 4240 Architecture and Braun Associates, Trestle is facilitating a community visioning platform that will inform the community residents and decision makers about future opportunities and desires for Vail’s Civic Area. This planning efforts strives to accomplish three broad objectives: Define the community’s goals and aspirations for how this key part of town can be utilized, specifically to identify a range of community and civic uses that may be desirable for the study area; Evaluate the study area to understand opportunities and constraints for the use of this land and then based on community input prepare conceptual plans and ideas depicting how the Civic Area can be used, and; Assemble a final master plan for the study area that documents the planning process and defines the community’s vision for Civic Area.

Please visit our Bang the Table Engage Vail website for more.

Vail’s ‘Civic Area’ plan draws plenty of comments so far, many about Dobson Ice Arena - Vail Daily, February 24, 2019

McCaslin Parcel O Redevelopment Study



Louisville, CO

44 acres

Redevelopment Scenario Analysis

Community Engagement

Regulatory Analysis and Recommendation

Bang the Table McCaslin Parcel O Redevelopment

Trestle is assisting Economic & Planning Systems (EPS) with the City of Louisville’s McCaslin Parcel O Redevelopment Study. This redevelopment study will identify the opportunities for the McCaslin commercial area that will encourage retail vibrancy, commercial health, and a desirable place for the community to gather. Ensuring a vibrant retail corridor is vital to the long term fiscal health of the City and a thoughtful mix of real estate options that fosters quality long-term tenants and encourages residents and visitors to enjoy the area is necessary for the area to remain viable.

Trestle is analyzing the complex regulations for the 44 acre area to identify all opportunities and restrictions in a redevelopment scenario and is spearheading the community outreach and engagement for this community project. A robust and thorough engagement process will bring the community together and create a vision for the future. 

Please visit our Bang the Table McCaslin Parcel O Redevelopment project website for more.

View the Final Report here.

Lyons Housing Collaborative


Lyons, CO

60 Units

Community Engagement & Outreach

Store Front Office Hours

Visioning Workshops


Trestle Strategy Group supported the Boulder County Housing Authority's community outreach program to the Lyons community. Trestle spearheaded a number of community outreach and engagement programs to inform the community about the planned 60-unit housing development project that would relocate families back in the Town of Lyons after the devastating 2013 flood. Specific programs included community walkabouts on the site where curious individuals could ask questions and learn about the project; website development to provide easy-to-access information regarding project logistics, updates, and FAQs; reoccurring email newsletters providing consistent and direct communications to the community; and visioning and engagement workshops where community members, stakeholders, and civic leaders could be engaged in the planning process through interactive sessions around massing, architectural treatment, amenities, sustainability, buffers, connections, and more.

West Fourmile Canyon/Ponderosa Mobile Home Park


Boulder, CO

68 Units

Annexation Study

Infrastructure Upgrade and Cost Analysis

Public Engagement 

Trestle Strategy led a team consisting of PlaceMattersJVA Consulting Engineers, AyreGroup, and RCH Jones Consulting for an annexation scenarios study and design charrette of the Ponderosa Mobile Home Park in the West Fourmile Canyon Creek Area of north Boulder. With the overall goal of improving the health and safety conditions of the park, various annexation scenarios were developed and analyzed to discover the range of possibilities for this county enclave. An extensive community engagement program was executed focusing on residents input as well as management collaboration. Trestle used valuable community insights to develop a community profile that was incorporated into the different annexation scenarios that were presented to the City of Boulder's City Council.

Open Space and Mountain Parks Master Plan

City of Boulder


Boulder, CO

Master Planning

Community Engagement

Strategic Visioning

Public Process

Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of the nation’s first open space tax. Looking back on the accomplishments from the last 50 years and looking forward to the future, OSMP is developing a departmental master plan. This master plan establishes policies and management priorities that respond to community and system-wide needs. Trestle is working with Design Workshop and OSMP staff to plan a public process that will incorporate community values into an open space strategic vision lasting for the next 10+ years. Public participation will be fostered and encouraged through multiple opportunities so that all stakeholders can engage, participate, interact, and refine the Master Plan.

Starting with the public Kick-Off in early 2018, Trestle and OSMP staff will be engaging diverse communities to solicit feedback and build alignment with community goals. A Public Engagement Plan will be implemented using recommendations from the Public Participation Working Group (PPWG), which was formed to identify problem areas in the public engagement process in Boulder. The PPWG ultimately decided that a sense of shared responsibility must be formed between the City and community in order to foster successful civic engagement.

Trestle and OSMP staff will be utilizing the PPWG’s 5 Core Principles and Values of Good Public Engagement to serve as a framework for the public outreach strategy:

1.    The problem is clearly defined

2.    Public engagement is thoughtfully planned

3.    All voices are encouraged and included

4.    Public contribution and civil participation are fostered

5.    The process is trustworthy and transparent

Pearl Junction

Gorman & Company

17 0615 Peral Junction Axon Sketched 2.jpg

Boulder, CO

381 Units

18,700 SF Commercial

Public Engagement 


Although Trestle's project team did not win the project to redevelop the former Pollard Jeep Dealership in central Boulder, we are still very proud of the time and energy we spent conceptualizing a community benefiting affordable housing development. 

Trestle planned to support Gorman & Company throughout the entirety of the project by providing community engagement and entitlement services. The vision of the project was to provide a bold redevelopment that would bring the site to life, weaving it into the rapidly transitioning tapestry of the neighborhood, and creating a legacy project for the City of Boulder. As the Boulder Junction neighborhood matures, our mission was to make sure that the Pearl Junction site would become a place where livability, mobility, and connectivity were all integrated in a distinct-scale sustainability approach. Our team was committed to providing below-market rents to residents so that they could afford to live in this neighborhood of choice, with multi-modal access to points throughout the City and the region.

Click HERE to view our team's Concept Plan Proposal, created by Trestle Strategy Group and presented to the City of Boulder.  

Palo Park

Boulder Housing Partners & Flatirons Habitat for Humanity

Boulder, CO

3.2 Acres

44 Units

Community Engagement & Outreach

Trestle is supporting Boulder Housing Partners, as well as Flatirons Habitat for Humanity and the City of Boulder, with various community engagement techniques for a 3.2 acre family housing development in North Boulder. A robust engagement process is underway designed to respect the interests of the neighbors while establishing character in the area and building much needed affordable housing in the community.  

22nd & Violet

Flatirons Habitat for Humanity

22nd & Violet | Boulder, CO

1.39 Acres

19 Units

Affordable Housing

PV Solar System

Trestle is facilitating the community outreach program on behalf of Flatirons Habitat for Humanity for their future affordable housing project in North Boulder. Founded in 1993, Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit housing organization operated on Christian principles drive to build homes, communities, and hope for all. Designed by The STUDIO Architecture, the 1.39-acre site will include 19 rowhomes that incorporates a solar PV system and additional sustainability features. 


Airport Adventures

3289 Airport Rd | Boulder, CO

2.6 Acres

70 Units

46.5% Opent Space


VeloPark will be a mixed-use development located on 2.6 acres in northeast Boulder. The housing provided by this project will serve a range of middle incomes and supply diverse housing for the community. The proposed uses reduces the adverse impact of the commercial and industrial building to the east on the residential neighborhoods to the west. The buildings will also buffer the neighborhood housing from Airport Rd. traffic and will enhance the existing vacant land with substantial landscaping and trees along Airport Rd.  

To view more about this project:

  • Click here to view the project's written statement prepared by Trestle.

  • Click here to view the project's marketing brochure prepared by Trestle.


70 units of middle-income housing approved for northeast Boulder - Daily Camera, January 13, 2017



Crossing Pointe 

Adams County Housing Authority 

Thornton, CO

5 Acres

203 Units

TOD Area

Community Engagement 

Trestle Strategy Group recently provided community engagement services for the Adams County Housing Authority's 5-acre low-income housing project. Located a quarter mile from RTD's future 104th Crossroads Station, this 203 unit project is apart of the Transit Oriented Community (TOC) area and will help connect low-income families and seniors to neighboring communities. Trestle spearheaded a number of community  engagement programs to inform the community about the planned development, its development process, and how it is incorporated in the City of Thornton's Housing Needs Assessment as well as RTD's TOC goals. 


City of Boulder

Boulder, CO

Community Engagement

Store Front

Pop-Up Events

Community Visioning Workshop

8.8 Acres

355,000 SF

Trestle Strategy Group assisted the City of Boulder with designing and implementing a community storytelling and public engagement for the City’s recently acquired Boulder Community Health (BCH) hospital campus located at 1100 Balsam Ave.  Trestle and the City opened an onsite public engagement space where community members have the opportunity to share their stories, experiences, and memories of the iconic facility, as well as learn about this multi-year community project. This interactive space provided a platform to engage with the community and guide future visioning and planning efforts for the long term redevelopment of the site. The campus is comprised of several buildings, including an 355,000 SF facility located on 8.8 acres, and was purchased in 2015 by the City for future municipal uses.  For more information, visit

Community Engagement Planning and Asset Mapping 

BoCo Strong

Boulder County

Community Engagement 

Resiliency Building

Asset Mapping

Meeting Facilitation 

Trestle Strategy helped BoCo Strong to increase neighborhood capacity, preparedness, and resilience through targeted support of local resilience initiatives. Boo Strong's mission is to increase the web of connections among individuals, organizations, and governments across Boulder County to foster inclusivity, increase disaster resilience, and build vibrant and prosperous communities. The community engagement outreach that results from these workshops helped the Resilient Leaders of BoCo Strong prepare and engage for their customized community outreach endeavors in their specific Boulder County areas. Trestle shared various engagement and outreach strategies that Resilient Leaders can use to gather greater feedback to foster inclusivity, increase disaster resilience, and build vibrant and prosperous communities. 

Campus Master Planning

Shining Mountain Waldorf School

999 Violet | Boulder, CO


Community Outreach

12 Acres

Mrs. Powell recently worked with the Campus Planning Task Force for the SMWS on the development of a Campus Master Plan for the 12-acre campus located in North Boulder. She lead the community outreach efforts and managed the regulatory en- titlement efforts of the process. Mrs. Powell focused on building a strategic and strong relationship with the City of Boulder to gain early support for the long-term planning efforts. The site’s location in both the 100- and 500-year floodplain, as well as a conveyance zone presented a unique challenge to the long-term development of the site. Mrs. Powell worked closely with the City early on to identify solutions and strategies to support the SMWS goals to build a sustainable campus to serve their unique and growing community of students, parents, and faculty.