505 Thunderbird Cr

Goodhill Partners

Boulder, CO

4 acres

Property Review

Development Yield Study

Engineering Analysis

Prior to the purchase of the property in southeast Boulder, Goodhill Partners asked Trestle to analyze the development potential of the 4 acre site. The current location of the Colorado Athletic Club - Flatirons, the property is zoned Business Community 1 and has the potential to yield either roughly 145 dwelling units, 139,000-157,000 SF commercial, or a combination of both. With the assistance of JVA Consulting Engineers, Trestle analyzed the challenging floodplain characteristics on the property as well as additional City of Boulder specific devel- opment requirements and limitations. Through this property analysis and yield study, Trestle uncovered the future development potential  of the property so the Goodhill Partners could make an informed long-term decision. 

Initial Findings - Property Fact Sheet

29th and Welton Conceptual Design Study


29Welton Concept2_naerial.jpg

29th and Welton | Denver

Property Analysis

Concept Development

.43 Acres

71,000 SF

63 Units

Trestle Strategy Group recently conducted a property analysis and conceptual development study for a RTD owned property in the Five Points Neighborhood of Denver. Consisting of .43 acres, the property is located in both a Transit Oriented Development area and the Five Points Historic Culture District. With a current zoning of Urban Center-Mixed Use-5 (C-MX-5), the potential development has the opportunity of reaching 5 stories with various combinations of uses. Trestle helped RTD identify opportunities and challenges in order to refine two preferred strategies that have been submitted to the City and County of Denver for review. 

Property Analysis for Potential Special Education Facility 



Boulder, CO

Property Review and Analysis

3.5 Acres

The Hillside School is a non-profit educational provider focused on the development of innovative teaching strategies for students with learning differences. Looking to expand their operations into a new location, Trestle conducted a property review and analysis for Hillside. By reviewing and analyzing the relevant comprehensive plans, zoning and floodplain designations, development standards, and previous land use entitlement cases, Trestle was able to provide the confidence Hillside needed to determine whether or not to make a long-term investment.