Lyons Housing Collaborative | Town of Lyons

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Lyons, CO

60 Units

Community Engagement

Visioning Workshops

Trestle Strategy Group supported the Boulder County Housing Authority's community outreach program to the Lyons community. Trestle spearheaded a number of community outreach and engagement programs to inform the community about the planned 60-unit housing development project that would relocate families back in the Town of Lyons after the devastating 2013 flood. Specific programs included community walkabouts on the site where curious individuals could ask questions and learn about the project; website development to provide easy-to-access information regarding project logistics, updates, and FAQs; reoccurring email newsletters providing consistent and direct communications to the community; and visioning and engagement workshops where community members, stakeholders, and civic leaders could be engaged in the planning process through interactive sessions around massing, architectural treatment, amenities, sustainability, buffers, connections, and more.