McCaslin Parcel O Redevelopment Study | City of Louisville


Louisville, CO

44 Acres

Redevelopment Scenario Analysis

Community Engagement

Regulatory Analysis and Recommendation

Trestle assisted Economic & Planning Systems (EPS) with the City of Louisville’s McCaslin Parcel O Redevelopment Study. This redevelopment study identified the opportunities for the McCaslin commercial area that will encourage retail vibrancy, commercial health, and a desirable place for the community to gather. Ensuring a vibrant retail corridor is vital to the long term fiscal health of the City and a thoughtful mix of real estate options that fosters quality long-term tenants and encourages residents and visitors to enjoy the area is necessary for the area to remain viable.

Trestle analyzed the complex regulations for the 44 acre area to identify all opportunities and restrictions in a redevelopment scenario and spearheaded the community outreach and engagement for this community project. The robust and thorough engagement process brought the community together and created a vision for the future. 

Please visit the McCaslin Parcel O Redevelopment project website for more.

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View the Final Report here.