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Master Plan

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Public Process

Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of the nation’s first open space tax. Looking back on the accomplishments from the last 50 years and looking forward to the future, OSMP is developing a departmental master plan. This master plan establishes policies and management priorities that respond to community and system-wide needs. Trestle is working with Design Workshop and OSMP staff to plan a public process that will incorporate community values into an open space strategic vision lasting for the next 10+ years. Public participation will be fostered and encouraged through multiple opportunities so that all stakeholders can engage, participate, interact, and refine the Master Plan.

Starting with the public Kick-Off in early 2018, Trestle and OSMP staff will be engaging diverse communities to solicit feedback and build alignment with community goals. A Public Engagement Plan will be implemented using recommendations from the Public Participation Working Group (PPWG), which was formed to identify problem areas in the public engagement process in Boulder. The PPWG ultimately decided that a sense of shared responsibility must be formed between the City and community in order to foster successful civic engagement.

Trestle and OSMP staff will be utilizing the PPWG’s 5 Core Principles and Values of Good Public Engagement to serve as a framework for the public outreach strategy:

1.    The problem is clearly defined

2.    Public engagement is thoughtfully planned

3.    All voices are encouraged and included

4.    Public contribution and civil participation are fostered

5.    The process is trustworthy and transparent