BARHA 2/14/19 Luncheon

Topic: Development In Boulder 2019: What’s Next?

Danica participated in a panel presentation about what is currently happening with development in and around Boulder. On the panel she joined a group of real estate developers in the Boulder area, and Elaine McLaughlin, Senior Planner for the City of Boulder and The University of Colorado.


Community Engagement, Design and Research Center (CEDaR)

On November 30, 2017, Danica presented for the CEDaR.

On November 11, 2016, Danica presented her varying approaches and strategies to community engagement in her discussion: Community Outreach - New Approaches for Complex Times for the University of Colorado at Boulder's Community Engagement, Design and Research (CEDaR) Center. Breaking away from traditional engagement techniques and incorporating innovative methods that not only educate the audience but also foster collaboration, consultation, and involvement has helped Danica to generate community understanding and consensus of future events. 


CU Boulder guest speaker

Danica regularly speaks during classes at the University of Colorado Boulder, for the MBA in Real Estate students (2016, 2017, 2018), and the Environmental Design students (2017).


Month of Modern - October 4, 2016

At the sold out Month of Modern kickoff event on October 4th at The Studio-Boulder, award-winning modern architects and stakeholders gathered to discuss the representative 2016 theme: Modern Perspectives on Housing. Danica was among the panel of 5 professionals who are passionate and energized about their work.  Danica touched on the modern perspective of housing with a large scale approach: how to make a more “Buildable Boulder." Danica discussed how current design guidelines prohibit creativity and one possible solution is to address entitlements. She recommends telling a story for successful design. In addition, she offered a few tips on how to navigate success, saying that team building is key. She encouraged taking the time to develop a strategy, establish engagement in the targeted community, seek partnerships, be patient, and look for examples to make it relatable. Danica’s passion jolted much interest and inquiry from the crowd.

Rocky Mountain Land Use Conference - March 10-11, 2016

The 25th Annual Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute conference's theme was Examining the Past, Exploring the Future. Danica explored the innovative planning tools and technologies that help communities plan for future uncertainty and engage the public. Her discussion highlighted exploratory scenario planning methods and how the approach has been used to address future various challenges in communities. In addition, a variety of inventive computer technologies and tools were presented that visualize future scenarios and engage the public. 


Boulder Economic Summit - June 3, 2016

The 2016 Boulder Economic Summit focused on the current boom in the Boulder Economy from multiple perspectives and questioned hoe long the expansion can last as well as what the opportunities, challenges and consequence are. Danica was a member of a panel discussing Does Growth Pay Its Own Way? A provocative and riveting discussion about the economic costs and benefits of expanding business development in the city. With a diverse exchange of viewpoints, panelists exposed the complexities of balancing the benefits and impacts of growth in a sustainable and thoughtful way. They also asked how Boulder as a community can leverage the creativity and innovation it is known for to design and direct the city’s future.

Housing Now Conference

october 5-7, 2016

The 2016 Housing Colorado NOW! Conference focused on

October 15, 2015

The 2015 Housing Colorado NOW! Conference focused on The Rocky Road to Recovery. Danica and her co-panelists discussed their recent housing development experience in the Town of Lyons after the devastating 2013 flood. The discussion focused on best practices, innovative ideas community engagement, and current and ongoing issues. 

OCTOBER 7-10, 2014

The 2014 Housing Colorado NOW! Conference focused on Creating Healthy Communities. Danica presented a case study of her WestView Apartment project for Boulder Housing Partners, where she acted as the owner's representative and helped negotiate the purchase of the property and secured the financing for the project. The 34-unit affordable housing development incorporated a small corner library for the community's use.