At Trestle Strategy Group, we plot a roadmap based on our years of experience in real estate that will direct your project through the path of least resistance. Though there may still be hurdles to overcome, we have the knowledge to steer the project back on course. We custom tailor a strategic approach for every project based on each project’s complexities and requirements. Whether you need help realizing your large-scale development vision or simply navigating the complicated zoning and code laws, we have the expertise to accomplish your goal. 

Our Team has significant experience with successfully entitling complex development projects and has provided ownership representation for multiple organizations, municipalities and private developers. Our strengths lie in understanding the key development features and translating those into a process and language that all stakeholders can understand. We build investment into each of our projects through clear and consistent communication, collaborative problem solving, and outlining a clear path and roadmap through the entitlement process. Trestle has led many development projects through complex entitlement projects including Site Review, Annexation, Tech Docs, and Use Review. Our clients have ranged from non-profits, schools, market rate developers, foundations, municipalities, and housing authorities.  

Our team has worked on many controversial and challenging projects in established neighborhoods.  We have found that a one-size fits all approach is not the best way to approach community engagement and we have developed a robust engagement toolkit ranging from community design workshops, projects site walkabouts, dedicated project website through the Bang the Table platform, and many other activities that will inform, consult, involve, and collaborate with all stakeholders. We work closely with the design and development team to understand the key project challenges, neighborhood dynamics, and the political landscape to develop a customized, effective and inclusive outreach strategy designed to both inform and engage the community.

A few examples of our Bang the Table project sites include:

Trestle has conducted multiple property analysis studies for our clients. As a neutral and uninvested researcher, we identify and review the opportunities and limitations of a site and can present future development scenarios with cost estimates that meet your organization’s goals. These fact-based findings are presented to our clients and can include our own recommendation for the best course of action. Our extensive understanding of the entitlement process as well as our knowledge of the ever changing development industry enables us to roadmap the development process while identifying key milestones and any anticipated hurdles you may encounter along the way to success. 

Is your organization’s location feeling a little too cozy, but your board needs evidence to approve an expansion budget? In a space needs assessment project, Trestle Strategy will analyze the status quo and compare it to industry standards to find out what your facility is missing. These fact-based findings are presented to our clients and can include our own recommendation for the best course of action. Trestle can also perform a financial feasibility analysis for different options.

Affordable housing developments present a different set of complexities allowing for creative solutions including low income housing tax credits, public private partnerships, and government grant funding. Our team has acted as a partner in several affordable housing projects and knows the keys to making the efforts a success. If you are a nonprofit seeking additional resources or a private developer looking to expand your real estate portfolio to include affordable housing, Trestle Strategy can help you help others!

As an owner's representative, we act on behalf of our client. We direct and coordinate all the moving pieces of the development process, encouraging the project forward. We understand the intricacies of real live development and can take your real estate venture from a vision on paper to a finished reality.