Trestle Strategy Group works with private developers, municipalities, and non-profits to achieve their real estate development objectives, move with confidence, and make quicker and informed decisions. We guide our clients through complex processes while providing them with a detailed understanding of all the moving parts. By working alongslide our clients from conception to completion, complexities become clear.


Strategy & Entitlements

Guiding your project through the approval process by connecting your team with key decision makers, keeping you up-to-date on the revolving political landscape, and ensure your design meet’s the community’s desires.

Community Engagement

Developing and implementing comprehensive community outreach and stakeholder engagement programs that increase collaborative dialog, foster community problem solving, identify calls to action, evaluate the public profile, and build community good will.


Space Needs Assessment & Facility Planning

Comparing your existing conditions against industry standards and new trends enables Trestle to identify areas where our clients can gain a competitive advantage through space reallocation and potential cost savings.

Owners Representation

Directing all the moving pieces of the development process and encouraging the project forward on your behalf.


Affordable Housing

Providing creative solutions to ensure housing is available for all.