Property Review and Yield Analysis

Uncovering the gritty details.


Evaluating Opportuntiy 

Trestle has conducted multiple property analysis studies for our clients. As a neutral and uninvested researcher, we identify and review the opportunities and limitations of a site and can present future development scenarios with cost estimates that meet your organization’s goals. These fact-based findings are presented to our clients and can include our own recommendation for the best course of action. Our extensive understanding of the entitlement process as well as our knowledge of the ever changing development industry enables us to roadmap the development process while identifying key milestones and any anticipated hurdles you may encounter along the way to success. 

Trestle has completed dozens of conceptual mixed-use, housing, municipal, and other use-type studies to evaluate the yield potential of properties. We are extremely exerienced in applying land use codes to quickly and efficiently evaluate development opportunities to identify the most vibrant, sustainable options. We balance a multitude of development issues including the preservation of existing habitat, surrounding development patterns, open space, parking, roadways, housing product types, storm water quality and detention, landscape, pedestrian circulation and transit access to create plans that will not only be efficient but improve the existing fabric of our communities. Our comprehensive understanding of code interpretation and application along with our knowledge of floodplain development, easement dedication, and municipal area plans ensures that all opportunities and limitations are identifies early in your planning process. As a steward of the land, we understand the impact new development will have on existing neighborhoods as well as our precious local resources. We tread lightly and explore a wide variety of alternatives to find the best way to integrate into the surrounding environment.