At Trestle Strategy Group, we plot a roadmap based on our years of experience in real estate that will direct your project through the path of least resistance. Though there may still be hurdles to overcome, we have the knowledge to steer the project back on course. We custom tailor a strategic approach for every project based on each project’s complexities and requirements. Whether you need help realizing your large-scale development vision or simply navigating the complicated zoning and code laws, we have the expertise to accomplish your goal. 

Entitling Complexity

Our Team has significant experience with successfully entitling complex development projects and has provided ownership representation for multiple organizations, municipalities and private developers. Our strengths lie in understanding the key development features and translating those into a process and language that all stakeholders can understand. We build investment into each of our projects through clear and consistent communication, collaborative problem solving, and outlining a clear path and roadmap through the entitlement process. Trestle has led many development projects through complex entitlement projects including Site Review, Annexation, Tech Docs, and Use Review. Our clients have ranged from non-profits, schools, market rate developers, foundations, municipalities, housing authorities, and families.

Strategic Real Estate Asset Analysis

With each project we embark on, we work to quickly understand the organizational needs and challenges, develop a customized approach and roadmap to implementation. Providing a transparent, analytical process that gives decision makers the ability to make informed, smart and defensible decisions is a key part of our success. Understanding and communicating the challenges and complexities of real estate investment allows our team to select the best method to ensure that a successful outcome is the result. Our proactive approach helps our clients participate and succeed in complicated real estate development projects by identifying and understanding risk points, financing structures, entitlement hurdles as we as anticipating and planning for community opposition. In addition, we rely on our extensive network of experts in the real estate community to dig deeper on specific areas to understand the constantly changing construction and financing environment.

Site Analysis & Yield Studies

Trestle has completed dozens of conceptual mixed-use, housing, municipal, and other use-type studies to evaluate the yield potential of properties. We are extremely experienced in applying land use codes to quickly and efficiently evaluate development opportunities to identify the most vibrant, sustainable options. As a neutral and uninvested researcher, we identify and review the opportunities and limitations of a site and can present future development scenarios with cost estimates that meet your organization’s goals. These fact-based findings are presented to our clients and can include our own recommendation for the best course of action.We balance a multitude of development issues including the preservation of existing habitat, surrounding development patterns, open space, parking, roadways, housing product types, storm water quality and detention, landscape, pedestrian circulation and transit access to create plans that will not only be efficient but improve the existing fabric of our communities. As a steward of the land, we understand the impact new development will have on existing neighborhoods as well as our precious local resources. We tread lightly and explore a wide variety of alternatives to find the best way to integrate into the surrounding environment.

Regulatory Liaison & Stakeholder Engagement

Trestle builds strong relationships with many individuals, key stakeholders, municipalities, community organizations, and other groups. We work to gain support and identify champions for our project from the very beginning of our involvement and continue to capitalize on these relationships throughout the project’s lifespan. We are accustomed to working with clients who have multiple levels of input and decision making built into their processes. From the outset, we will work to identify who all of those decision makers are, anticipate what their concerns and expectations will be, and develop a strategy to engage with them throughout the process to keep them informed and supportive of your endeavors.

Select Projects

RÊve |  Boulder, CO

RÊve | Boulder, CO

Ponderosa Community Stabilization |  Boulder, CO

Ponderosa Community Stabilization | Boulder, CO

The Hopper |  Boulder, CO

The Hopper | Boulder, CO

Trestle Strategy Group is an invaluable partner in the development process. With in-depth knowledge of land planning, building code, local politics, real estate marketing, and graphic design, Danica Powell and Cole Meleyco exceeded my expectations at every turn. I wouldn’t consider working on another development project without them.
— Kyle McDaniel - Airport Adventures