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Trestle Strategy is leading the community engagement and outreach program for the Town of Vail’s Civic Area Master Plan update. As a team member with 4240 Architecture and Braun Associates, Trestle is facilitating a community visioning platform that will inform the community residents and decision makers about future opportunities and desires for Vail’s Civic Area. This planning efforts strives to accomplish three broad objectives: Define the community’s goals and aspirations for how this key part of town can be utilized, specifically to identify a range of community and civic uses that may be desirable for the study area; Evaluate the study area to understand opportunities and constraints for the use of this land and then based on community input prepare conceptual plans and ideas depicting how the Civic Area can be used, and; Assemble a final master plan for the study area that documents the planning process and defines the community’s vision for Civic Area.

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Vail’s ‘Civic Area’ plan draws plenty of comments so far, many about Dobson Ice Arena - Vail Daily, February 24, 2019