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Trestle Strategy Group is a community building consulting firm that specializes in real estate strategy and entitlements, community engagement, needs assessment, and facilities planning. The firm oversees complex planning projects from conception to completion, delivering impeccable project management, intelligent strategy, and smart solutions. Our goal is to help you feel the same way – smart, informed, and successful.

Strategic Planning & Entitlements


We custom tailor a strategic approach and roadmap for every project based on complexities and requirements. Whether you need help realizing your large-scale development vision or simply navigating the complicated zoning and code laws, we have the expertise to accomplish your goal.

Community Engagement


We have found that a one-size fits all approach is not the best way to approach community engagement and we have developed a robust engagement toolkit ranging that will inform, consult, involve, and collaborate with all stakeholders.

Space Needs & Facility Planning


We compare your existing conditions against industry standards and new trends to identify areas where our clients can gain a competitive advantage through space reallocation and potential cost savings.

Danica Powell |  Founder & Owner

Danica Powell | Founder & Owner

Cole Meleyco |  Project Manager

Cole Meleyco | Project Manager

Marine Siohan |  Project Manager

Marine Siohan | Project Manager



“Trestle Strategy Group is one of the very few consultants who fully understand the intricacies of Boulder’s byzantine land use regulations, as well as the political backdrop that often informs land use decisions in Boulder. We have used Trestle for a couple of projects and found their work to be thorough, accurate, timely and a great value. I would absolutely recommend Trestle for land use and development consulting services.”

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Ponderosa Community Stabilization

Entitlements & Community Engagement