Boulder Community Hospital Campus

City of Boulder

1100 Balsam Ave | Boulder, CO

8.8 Acres

355,000 SF

4 Buildings

Policy Recommendation

Financial and Cost Analysis

Affinities Analysis

Stakeholder Outreach

Since 2015, Trestle has been conducting a series of studies and facility planning efforts on the former Boulder Community Hospital (BCH). Trestle conducted a preliminary redevelopment cost estimate and facility use study which provided the information the the City of Boulder required to purchase the 8.8 acre former hospital property in 2015, including several buildings and parking structure. Trestle is currently conducting a re-use and rehabilitation versus demolition and reconstruction analysis of the property. By identifying key opportunities, benefits, and challenges of both scenarios, Trestle aims to guide the City in evaluating options for future redevelop- ment of the site.

Trestle is also assisted the City design and implement a community storytelling and public engagement program for the BCH campus (Alpine-Balsam). Trestle and the City opened an onsite public engagement space where community members have the opportunity to share their stories, experiences, and memories of the iconic facility, as well as learn about this multi-year community project. This interactive space provided a platform to engage with the community and guide future visioning and planning efforts for the long term redevelopment of the site.

Finally, Trestle assisted in the envisioning of the BCH campus and future city facilities with Mithun. By acting as a long-term partner in the investigation, design process, and eventual redevelopment of the entire site, Trestle helped establish an additional community asset at the former BCH Campus. As part of a larger consultant team, Trestle worked with the City to develop a vision and guiding principles for the redevelopment.  


City Begins New Stage of Public Outreach, Planning for Alpine-Balsam Project - City of Boulder, July 15, 2016

Fire Station 3 and Administration Building


Boulder Station 3.JPG

30th & Arapahoe | Boulder, CO

Space Needs Analysis

Space Standards Development 

6,200 SF

Service Coverage Analysis

Trestle proudly helped the City of Boulder’s Fire-Rescue Department analyze their future space needs for Fire Station 3 and the Fire Administration Building. As the second busiest Fire Station in the Boulder Area, Station 3 needs to be relocated out of the floodplain and reconfigured to better improve operations and safety for the Boulder firefighters. Danica Powell and Cole Meleyco analyzed the existing conditions of Boulder’s Fire Stations and recently built stations in the surrounding area to provide detailed analytical and spacial recommendations to meet the future growth needs of the Boulder Fire-Rescue Department. A decision to rebuild a new Fire Station combined with administrative offices outside of the floodplain and in a new service location will improve firefighter operations, service coverage, and overall efficiencies of the department. 


Strategic Real Estate Scenario Planning and Space Needs Assessment


Boulder, CO

Development Scenario Analysis

Space Needs Analysis

4.35 Acres

28,750 SF

Trestle Strategy helped the Geological Society of America(GSA) assess the opportunities of their 4.35 acre property in northern Boulder. GSA is a global professional society with a growing membership of more than 26,000 individuals in 115 countries. GSA provides access to elements that are essential to the professional growth of earth scientists at all levels of expertise and from all sectors: academic, government, business, and industry. Trestle conducted a property review and development scenario analysis to identify any strategic real estate moves GSA may be interested in. Trestle also analyzed the spacial and operational needs for the 58 employees who occupy the building to see if additional opportunities exist. 

Law Firm Space Study

Caplan & Earnest Attorneys at Law

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 4.29.33 PM.png

Boulder, CO

18,500 SF

Employee Online Survey 

Emerging Trends Analysis

Trestle recently completed a space needs assessment of the Caplan and Earnest Law Firm in Boulder. With their current office lease soon to expire, Caplan asked Trestle to review the emerging trends in modern law office design and identify the opportunities to increase productivity while also identifying their exact space needs for the next 5 to 10 years. Trestle's detailed report identified the future space needs, emerging office trends that should be incorporated into their space, employee survey results and findings, and more. 

Public Safety Building


1805 33rd | Boulder, CO

70,000 SF

Space Needs Assessment and Facility Planning

Trestle recently worked on a facility evaluation and space needs analysis of the Public Safety Building in Boulder.  Working closely with all divisions of the Police Department and the Fire Administration to document the existing space and deficiencies, understand future employment growth, identify opportunities, adjacencies and efficiencies, and develop operational recommendations and improvements necessary to support the current and future needs.  The study addressed options to maximize the current facility in terms of both space utilization and potential expansion opportunities, and included budget development, conceptual site planning and recommendations.

Master Plan Update


Boulder, CO

Needs Assessment & Space Planning

15 Departments

Since 2010, Danica has been working as a consultant to the City of Boulder’s Facilities and Asset Management (FAM) Department to prepare the FAM Master Plan update.  This plan provides policies, recommendations and funding priorities for all of the city-owned facilities for a 10-year period, and includes recommendations to reduce operating and maintenance costs, enhance workflow and service delivery, and operational solutions.  Extensive stakeholder outreach was required in the programming stage of this plan, including meeting and priority setting with over 15 departments and 5 boards and commissions.

MHP Facilties


Longmont Wellness Center copy.png

Boulder, Broomfield, & Longmont, CO

Facility & Advisory Analysis

10 Facilities

Danica teamed up with City Projects to analyze and prepare a MHP Master Plan. This plan encompassed policies, recommendations, and funding priorities for 10 different facilities. Extensive stakeholder outreach was conducted to gain significant insight into the immediate needs and future expectations of the Mental Health Partners, including meeting with the Board of Directors, the Executive Staff, and various facility managers and staff. 

Municipal Court


1777 6th | Boulder, CO

7,600 SF

Space Needs Analysis

Industry Comparison 

Trestle analyzed the existing conditions and future space needs of the City of Boulder's Municipal Court. Currently located in the Boulder County Justice Center, the City's Municipal Court has seen an average of 20,700 case filing in the past 7 years. Extensive research was conducted to compare space sizes, design layout, and operations to government and industry standards to provide detailed analytical and spacial recommendations to meet future and operational needs. 

Department of Community Vitality

City of Boulder

1500 Pearl St | Boulder, CO

4,500 SF

Space Needs Analysis

Scenario Development

Trestle analyzed the existing conditions and future space needs of the City of Boulder's Department of Community Vitality. Currently located in downtown Boulder, the Department combines the functions of City's Economic Vitality program with the Downtown University Hill Management Division and Parking Services/Boulder Junction. Interviews and research were conducted to understand team dynamics and compare space sizes, layout, and efficiencies to industry standards in order to provide a detailed analytical and spacial recommendation to meet future and operational needs.